Queenscliff Attractions


Connected through our deep respect for Wadawurrung People and their Country, we treasure, conserve and protect this special place. Today, this region is commonly known as the Bellarine peninsula.

Within and around Queenscliff are a deluge of must-see, must-do, must-experience Queenscliff attractions, all of which embrace and epitomise the coastal locality, regional charm and historical significance of this town.

Due to Queenscliff having a close proximity to the entrance of Port Phillip the town has a history rich with maritime exploration and defence tactics. Encounter these first-hand and unearth the crucial role the town played in Australia’s development at Fort Queenscliff and the Maritime Museum. Aquatic adventures are awaiting you at the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre. Located on the shores of superb Swan Bay, this attraction will immerse you in the marvellous world of marine plants and animals.

And it doesn’t end there as the attractions keep rolling out… the seaside-inspired playgrounds of Princess Park & Royal Park, illuminating lighthouse, boats docking at the Queenscliff Harbour, steam trains pulling in at the charming Queenscliff Station, the picture-perfect-postcard setting of the Queenscliff Pier Lifeboat complex..

Explore, discover and experience the attractions of Queenscliff on the Bellarine Peninsula.